About Us


About Us

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to schools closing and social distancing recommendations, some Teen Clinics have closed or changed their hours. Please call your Teen Clinic before you go to make sure it’s still open and running.  You can also check out the Teen Clinic social media pages for up-to-date information: #mbteenclinics on Instagram, @mbteenclinics on Twitter, Manitoba Teen Clinics on Facebook, and mbteenclinics on Snapchat.

Teen Clinics offer free and confidential health/medical services and are only for youth. At a Teen Clinic you can speak to a health care provider about any health issue that is important to you. Teen Clinics are located in schools or community health centres throughout Manitoba.

FAQ’s about Teen Clinics

Do you need an appointment?

Most Teen Clinics offer drop-in services, which means you can walk–in without an appointment during TC hours. Some TCs offer appointments, or suggest you call to confirm their hours.

Who will be there?

Teen Clinics usually have nurses, doctors and sometimes counsellors who can help. People who work at Teen Clinics like working with youth and are respectful and non-judgmental.

Will my parents be told?

Teen Clinics are confidential, meaning that legally they cannot tell anyone (including parents/legal guardians) if, why, or when you went there.

What can you get at a Teen Clinic?

Most Teen Clinics offer:

  • Access to a doctor or nurse practitioner for any health issue that you need to talk about or get checked out
  • Free condoms!
  • Emergency contraception
  • Counselling
  • Pregnancy tests
  • STI/HIV Tests
  • Free or low-cost birth control
  • Information about all birth control options
  • Counselling on all 3 legal pregnancy options (adoption, abortion, parenting)
  • Mental health or addiction help

Do I have to go by myself?

You can bring a friend, a partner or you can come on your own; whatever you are comfortable with.

Is there a cost?

No, medical services are free.

Is there an age limit?

Most Teen Clinics accept youth ages 12 and over, and up to age 21. Some TCs will see older youth. Each Teen Clinic has their own age limits, check the Teen Clinic finder for information about the Teen Clinic you want to go to.

Do I have to go to the Teen Clinic in my neighborhood?

No, you can visit any Teen Clinic that is open to ‘all youth’.

Do I need a health card?
No, you can see a health care provider at Teen Clinic even if you don’t have a health card. You may be asked if you have a health card or know your number. Your health information will still be kept confidential even if you provide your health card/number.

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